Thursday, April 2, 2009

The time has come...

To seriously watch what I say. Now I must preface this by saying that I don't swear (..that much...), but I have a tendency to say "are you freaking kidding me" when I'm super stressed out. Of course I never think that Roman can hear me.

Fast forward to today, we're running late to PT (physical therapy) and I realize that I forgot my coffee on top of the piano. For those of you that don't know me that well, A. I need my coffee, and B. I am a paranoid Mom. So I have to close the garage door (because in two minutes someone just might break into my car and take my child) and run with super human speed upstairs to get my coffee. I also need to state that this morning, everything had gone wrong, cat puked, dog rolled in something...indescribable, I shut off my alarm and slept for 40 minutes longer than I should have...yes you read that right 40 whole minutes.

So when I realized I left my coffee on the top of the piano, I let loose with a "Are you freaking kidding me?!". Then I heard from the backseat "are you fweakin kidding me?". And it continues all the way to therapy. Then we get there and I tell him to say hello to Miss Lauren (his physical therapist), and he guessed it. "Are you fweakin kidding me". Of course everybody thinks it's just hilarious to hear a three year old say that. Which only makes him say it more.

Thank God I didn't say what I really wanted to say...

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