My Favorite Gluten Free Websites

Where do I begin?

I didn't want to post a vague list without any explanation as to why I chose them. I like different websites for different things. I've tried many, many different recipes since going gluten free. Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease in November 2010, my idea of cooking was opening the box of macaroni and cheese. I just didn't "like" to cook - it wasn't my thing. Then I was faced with the decision to spend five times (or more) on groceries or learn how to cook. Because we had just moved to a more expensive house I had no choice - I had to learn to cook. And fast.

Thankfully a very close friend of mine that had supported me so much when Roman was diagnosed with autism was in the same boat. She had been diagnosed with multiple food allergies the previous year and couldn't eat gluten. She helped me get over my initial "freak out" and get to work.

I became a sponge for about a year. Absorbing all the information I could. I learned that some websites will claim that their recipe is the "best ever"...only to try it and have it taste like cardboard. There is nothing more defeating than spending a ridiculous amount of money on groceries only to have your finished product be inedible. I cried a lot during this time.

But time has passed and I have come a long way. I now make almost everything we eat from scratch. And for the most part, my husband and son love it! So here is my list of my "go to " websites and why:

During my "freak out" phase I took a few cooking classes at our local PCC natural food mart. My mind was opened to quinoa and creatively using vegetables (which up to this point I only knew how to fry or steam. True story.). And the best focaccia bread that I've ever had - with or without gluten. I use Denise's recipe for gluten-free flour mix but to be honest, I haven't tried many of her other recipes. Other than that amazing focaccia bread of course. But her flour mix can't be beat.

The name drew me first and foremost to this site. Cheap gluten free homemade food? Sold! What kept me coming back and made me purchase both of her cookbooks was my 100% success rate with her recipes. No duds. Her cupcakes are divine, her whoopie pies are legendary, her pumpkin pie with ginger cookie crust has lifted her to sainthood. Check out her website. You won't be sorry.

Because my little man has autism like his Mama, he is SUPER picky about certain things. One of those thing is his pizza. It has to be just cheese. Nothing else. Just cheese. And it has to be fluffy. And have the right texture. And perfect. You see my dilemma? Because of this gal we had our first homemade pizza night in over two years. Here are our two favorite pizza recipes from her:
Both are insanely good but I tend to prefer the chicago style pizza crust over the other one.
Try them both out - you WON'T be sorry.

Okay I know you're probably thinking, "Ina Garten cooks with wheat flour!"  This is true. But one thing I lacked when I started on this journey was basic cooking skills. And also a basic appreciation for cooking. I started watching her show because I secretly want to live in the Hamptons in an old house like Ina. True story. But then I watched her cook and she was so relaxed and low-key. And the recipes were easy to boot. The first time I made her homemade marinara sauce, I knew that I could cook if I just gave myself enough time and really focused on enjoying the process.

Do I still crave foods with gluten? I do. A few months ago I begged my husband to work from home for a week (while I lived in the bathroom) just so I could eat a big mac. Of course I didn't but MAN that craving was bad. Thankfully those cravings are few and far between now. If I see something I want with gluten in it, I tell myself that I'll find a way to make it. 99% of the time I'm successful. And that feels awesome :)

Do you have a "must visit" gluten free recipe site? Post it below! I'm still early in my journey and would love to have more resources!

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