Tuesday, November 29, 2016

December Daily 2016 is on it's way!

Welcome to another year of December Daily! I have been super busy lately trying to get everything done before the first. And that is no easy task with a two-year old who doesn't sleep very well!

It seems like every year, I feel like I'm behind come Christmas time. And then I feel like I'm constantly catching up, so I don't ever feel like I'm really enjoying the holidays. So this year, I've been diligent about getting as much done as I possibly can beforehand. I started shopping in October (thank you Amazon Prime!) and am simplifying things as much as possible. So far so good, but the real test will be in the next coming weeks!

I'll be recording a video hopefully by tomorrow to go over my album and my "plan of attack" this year. I'm so excited! Stay tuned!

Love and Craziness,

Saturday, February 27, 2016

December Daily 2015 - it's a wrap!

I finished my December Daily before August this year! I'm happy with how it turned out and it is all done and finished until next year :)

Here is my wrap up video:

Even though I've done this several years in a row now, I'm still learning as I go. The one thing that I can't stress enough is to BE PREPARED. Next thing to remember is to use a good adhesive! I went back and took a look at some of my old albums and had to reassemble some of the pages because I used a glue stick when I ran out of my regular adhesive. The one I have listed below is the best, longest lasting adhesive that I've found.

I felt like I had a really hard time keeping up with everything this year. Now it could be just because I'm getting used to the craziness of having two kiddos. And I also changed my album at the last minute, which I don't recommend!

This year, I really, really want to be prepared. Which means that you may be seeing 2016 posts soon!

Here are the links to the tools/products I used this year:

Half sized binder mechanism 1" from binding101.com

I also used an old encyclopedia with the pages taken out, and washi tape from eBay.com (by far the cheapest place to find washi tape!).

I hope that you're all doing well on your projects and remember NOT to worry if you're behind or still working on your albums. Give yourself grace and enjoy the process!

Happy scrapbooking!

Love and Craziness,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Daily 2015 - chugging along

 Christmas is almost here! Here is a quick video on my progress so far with December Daily 2015. 

I'm not worrying about getting everything done ASAP, so the journaling and some of the photos will come probably in the next few months. And that's okay! The most important thing to me, is taking time to enjoy the project and still have time for my family and for the holidays.
If I don't post before then, have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year!
Love and Craziness,