Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Daily 2016 - here we go!


Welcome to another year of my favorite scrapbooking project - December Daily! I've had "record a video for December Daily" on my to-do list for about a week now. And with all of the craziness of my life, I was just able to get it done tonight. But I'm so excited! This is the first Christmas in a long time that I feel "ahead of the game" with decorating, presents, etc.

Without further ado, here is my intro video for this year!

You'll see that this year I'm using a re-purposed encyclopedia again. I love how it's an actual book and the fact that it's red doesn't hurt. I'm really going to hate it when I run out of these books! Thankfully my Dad had about one book for each letter of the alphabet, so I'm set for a little while.

Good luck with your own albums, and remember to give yourself lots of grace! And remember to enjoy the process. This is a keepsake that your family will treasure for years to come!

I'll post another video soon, happy scrapping!

Love and Craziness,

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