Thursday, September 3, 2009

and the winner is....

Flossiecat a.k.a. Lori! Here is her favorite school memory:

I love my ebay template I got from you and still use it! Never can have enough of your beautiful stuff! My favorite memory is when I was in fourth grade and it was nearing the end of the year so it was warm with flowers blooming everywhere. My Papaw had bought me a beautiful new painted pony and it was TORTURE for the day to be over with so I could get home to ride him. I didn't think the day would ever end! But, it did, and I almost jumped off the bus while it was still moving. I ran to the barn and Papaw had Toby saddled, bridled and ready to go when I got there. What a day! We were inseparable from that day forward. Hmm. . . I hope this counts as a school memory!

It certainly does! What a wonderful story.

My favorite back to school memory is not really a specific memory, I remember being extremely excited about going back to school and getting everything ready. One thing that I did from about fourth grade on (into high school) was get a "view" binder and spend hours cutting out words and pictures from magazines and putting together a collage that I would put in my binder. I did the cover, back cover and even the spine too.

Lori, please email me at AmybugSells (at) for your prize!

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