Friday, October 16, 2009


My poor sister hasn't had her baby yet. Yes folks, she is two weeks past due today. But the good news is that she is now in the hospital, they started inducing her this morning and as of about five minutes ago...its kind of not working. Meaning she is getting contractions but they are not going anywhere.

I also wanted to update my customers out there, we are having some major computer issues and may need to take the computer in to the Geek Squad to be fixed. It is taking forever to do things that took only seconds before. For me, this is very frustrating as I try to fill orders. So please be patient with me for the next few days, if you don't hear back from me! I can't wait to get this fixed!

So updates will be in order for the next few days...stay posted!

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  1. Oh no! Your poor sis!! How frustrated and anxious she and the rest of the family must be feeling. Surely she is now in the best place and hopefully things will start to move along. 'scuse the pun! :)
    All the best to her.