Friday, July 30, 2010

we are home

Finally after all the craziness we have settled into the normalcy of everyday life in our new house.  The whole process of selling our house and buying this one went by so's very surreal. I keep thinking to myself, "hey, maybe we should sell the house" (the old house).  It's hard to believe that it's all said and done and we are where we will be for the next 20+ years.

The layout of our new house works much better for us, my favorite part by far is our new office.

Because both my first and last name starts with "A" I thought this was appropriate ☺. I love the chocolate brown walls, everything I put up really "pops"!  We even have a "peek-a-boo" view of Mount Rainier from our second floor too, kind of ironic because we live in Snoqualmie where views of Mount Si are everywhere.

okay so the picture totally didn't turn out but with my eye I could see Mount Rainier pretty well.  Really.  I'll try to get a better picture later lol.

One of the things we really wanted when we were looking for a new house was a playspace for Roman, we needed room for his swings, toys, crash mat, etc. This house has a loft space upstairs with the two kids' bedrooms that we used as the playspace.  When the painters came in to do the den and living room, I had them do something special for that room:

we had the entire far wall painted in chalkboard paint.  He LOVES it, and it's really great for fine motor too.  Much better than the super small chalkboard we had at our old house.

And now that we are finally settled in and I have all my creative stuff all put away and organized, I will be doing more of my fun creative-ish posts.

I am so happy to be here.  So happy to be home.

PS - I have to apologize up front about the word verification in the comments section, I have been getting spam comments like you wouldn't believe and really had to do something.

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