Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Every Day October, Days 1 - 15

Here are the pictures of my Every Day October album. For those of you that are new to my blog, this album follows the format of a December Daily album. I did the December Daily last year and loved it - but we have been keeping a separate Christmas album for the last ten years.  I found myself repeating the same layouts in both the December Daily and the December Album on several occasions.  And I am a fan of simplifying things so I may not do that project this year.  I still wanted to do a "Daily" album so I'm highlighting my favorite month - October. And "October Daily" just didn't sound right to me so it became "Every Day October".

Another thing I'll be doing this year is not listing the supplies, it's very time consuming. So if you have a question about a particular product, just email me or leave a comment.

Here is the coverpage that I made out of a 12x12 acrylic sheet, cut down to 8.5x11 and hole punched.

Here is day one,

I used a bag from a grocery store in the San Juan Islands where we were staying at the time, and made a fun pocket for some pictures. I used my favorite old-school dymo label punch for the tab. I seriously love that thing.

Here is day two,
Burlap is cool.  I plan to use that quite a bit throughout this album.

Here is day three,
Some of these layouts will use the backside of the previous day, some won't. I pretty much "go with the flow" and do what I think looks good. With this one I used a Starbucks coffee bag and had some fun with orange crackle paint for the number "3".  I love that stuff! I slipped a story about why I love fall so much (some parts are blurbed out because they have some detailed info I didn't want to share with the world).

Here is day four,
I seriously love my niece.  Which is why she is blurred out in that photo just in case.
She is so stinkin' cute and I put here in this album every chance I get.  This is just a trading card page protector cut down to make things interesting.  I love this baby.

Here is day five,
I used the back side of the trading card page protector and also used a Heidi Swapp transparent clock to feature the super cool picture of the Cascade Mountains.  Ali Edwards uses those a lot in her projects and I love the quirky-ish ness that it brings to an album.

Here is day six, 
I used the back of the clock transparency and cut out the circle with the new Martha Stewart circle cutter - for those of you that don't have it't walk to your nearest craft store.  It is awesome. I'm really impressed with her line of craft products so far.

On the other page I used photoshop to crop the photo down and put the border and text on the photo. This makes it so much easier to achieve a fun, clean look with your layouts. And Photoshop Elements is really affordable too, I highly recommend both programs.

Here is day seven,
More burlap. And Dad's old typewriter. With pumpkins. LOVE.

Here is day eight,
I plan on including more of Roman's artwork from school in this album too.

Here is day nine and ten (some info is blurbed out - addresses and stuff),
I also love using playing cards on layouts too. Its kind of funny how the things that look best on pages were never meant for crafting.

Here is day eleven and twelve,
We love, love, love, love Charlie Brown in this house. Love. So I had to do a page on the Great Pumpkin. I could watch that movie all year. I do watch that movie all year.

I also wanted to put a spotlight on the amazing weather we've been having in the northwest this month - it has been amazing. Mostly sunny and clear with just the right amount of chilly.
This is the weather for the month of October on, I just hit "Print Screen" (which will copy all the images from the screen onto your clipboard) and pasted it into Photoshop.  I'll have to do it again at the end of the month because the weather is STILL gorgeous. Crazy.

Here is day thirteen,
I usually can't stand ads and extra paper that we get in the mail.  But I thought it would be fun to put snippets of the "extra" (a.k.a. junk) mail on a page. I backed it with a chipboard house shape and hole punched it. Viola.

Here is day fourteen,
You can't really read the text on here, but if you go to, there's something called the "Barnyard BOO-gie" game. You can put your kiddo's face in the character and watch them dance. It is hilarious. I made so many screenshots that I used the front and the back of the sports card page protector for this one.

Here is day fifteen,

Neighborhood gatherings are so fun. I added the recipe for the soup I made on a library card and stitched it to the page protector. I made the photo collage and added the text in Photoshop.

And that is it so far!  More to come in a few days, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.


  1. Fabulous!! So glad I found your blog. Your scrapbook is awesome and so inspiring! Now I wanna do an October Daily, too. Keep on showing us!!

  2. This is super inspiring Amy! I saw you comment on Ali Edwards blog about your October Daily album and I'm so glad that I clicked over.

    Love all of the elements that you have put together. TFS

  3. Thank you Ladies! It means a lot that you took time out to leave comments, more is coming!