Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Daily 2013...chugging along

I'm chugging along with my December Daily album and wanted to share a some pictures from the last few days. I love the photo I took below - my kid is awesome. Sadly, I was hoping to use this image for day three and not day two. The image was even titled "day three". Oh my aching brain.

Hello mountains!

This poor little guy's usual feeder had frozen completely solid with our crazy cold temperatures. So I changed the ratio of water to sugar (three to one instead of four to one). Once I put the new solution out he jumped on it and stayed like this for a good ten minutes. Alternating between drinking and just resting.
I think of these birds almost like part of our family. They don't mind me in the least and buzz all around me when I'm outside :)

More December Daily to come! Remember to give yourself LOTS of grace this busy time of year!

Love and Craziness,

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