Friday, December 4, 2015

December Daily 2015 - here we go!

It's normal to switch gears and completely change your album after the project starts, right? Right?

Well that's what I did. I had a new album all whipped up that had a different size and layout....and I changed my mind. I'm not really a fan of change. Here is the album I started out with.

Here is the album I'm going with this year, like previous years I'm using a repurposed encyclopedia with the pages taken out and a binder mechanism riveted in. 
With the new album the pages are a larger 6" x 9.75" with room for a 5"x7" photo on the main page. I'll keep the old album on hand and will probably use it in the next few years.
I'll be uploading another video in the next week or so with my progress. Stay tuned!

Love and Craziness,

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