Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sometimes a girl's gotta have "Girl Time"

I have had so much fun the last two days, on Friday night I went to a scrapbooking workshop at my friend Christine's house (she is the owner of "CreateWithChristine" - the link is on the right!) and had a BLAST - I got to see her new house and her fabulous new scrap space. I met her about three years or so ago and I credit her with getting me excited about scrapbooking again. After years of just putting pictures on paper (yaaaawn) and scrapbooking "out of duty" instead of out of joy, she taught me how to create amazing pages that don't take a ton of time. Which of course made me super happy. And she is an awesome WAHM with the cutest kids ever so she rocks anyway =0)

Then on Saturday morning I went to my friend Krista's house who I haven't seen in a really long time, over a year. We made some beautiful cards and got to chat with other creative gals. That reminds me, I need to add the link to her website - look for it soon, she sells Stampin' Up (I am obsessed with their punches).

I think that there is something about getting together with other women that have that same creative "spark", that energy that really makes me a happier person. It reinforces the truth that yes - there are other women like me out there. Even though I'm mostly an introverted person, I still greatly benefit from these get-togethers.

And while I was at Krista's, Zach (my husband) took Roman to the Woodland Park Zoo today! Which meant that I had to drive Zach's car that has no GPS and I got horribly lost...but I digress...I am so, so lucky to have him as a husband, he is such an amazing Dad and role model for Roman. Speaking of Zach - please pray for our family! Starbucks will be going through more layoffs in the coming weeks and we are hoping and praying that his job will be spared.

Have a fabulous Sunday and a blessed week ahead everyone!

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  1. You are the bestest Amy! I always enjoy getting to be in your company. Girls, Amy is one uber talented woman. I stand is awe of her.