Saturday, March 14, 2009

Living in a fun house...

It seems like we live in a fun house. None of the walls are straight and everything is sized just a few inches off of what the standard is.

For example, our closet doors. We finally got rid of the 70's gold mirrored closed doors in our house (yes, they were that horrible), come to find that our openings are 58" instead of 60". So we have to saw off a few inches from the metal support railing. No big deal right? Well then come to find that the height of our closet is 79 inches and the doors are 80. So now we have to trim down those doors as well.

But we are getting closer! Finally after almost seven years of living in our home, we are getting it where we want it to be. The next step is remodeling the kitchen, then comes the carpet replacement (yay!) and then we can finally install the new moulding. Hopefully we won't run out of money before then lol.

But on the bright side, I've become quite handy with a power drill lately, I actually took down all the old closet doors myself and I also installed the remaining fixtures in our bathroom, so that is almost all done. Hopefully we'll be done by the time our second baby is born (I'm not even pregnant yet, so that gives us a little bit of time). I can manage doing home improvements here and there with one child, but with two? I don't think so. Here's to hoping!

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