Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Roman's New Dinosaur Room!

So Roman is now all moved into his big boy dinosaur room! I did all of the artwork myself (scanned from his dinosaur sheets with Ikea frames LOL), and the furniture is second hand from Craigslist (LOVE Craigslist!):

Apatosaurus Footprints

T-Rex Footprints

For the T-Rex footprints, I found a fossilized footprint online and I traced over that in Illustrator and then imported that into the Wishblade Create and Cut software and had my Wishblade cut them all out. For the Apatosaurus footprints, I just drew them myself, I could do four circles =0).

So today we're cleaning the rest of his things out of his old room and he asks me when the new baby will be moving into the room. I told him not for a while (I'm not even pregnant), but when he/she does, it will be ready for them. "Oh", he says. Then he starts going on and on about how he wants to share his dinosaurs with the new baby and how he'll play nice so that the T-Rex won't scare them. It really warmed my heart to hear him sound actually excited about having a baby brother or sister.

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