Saturday, May 30, 2009

memorial day weekend

Things have been quite busy here in the Allen household, we went on our first "pseudo" camping expedition at Cama Beach here in Washington.
We stayed in the cutest little cabin! I say "pseudo camping" because our cabin had electricity and heat....but no bathroom! Aha - so it is kind of camping....ish.

We had so much fun. I realized that this was Roman's first trip to the ocean! How could this be? I realized that between all the therapy appointments and the craziness of our lives that we never really went anywhere. And of course with the constant threat of another layoff at Starbucks, we have been super quick to pinch pennies lately. But this was so much fun, Roman and I got to snuggle in our sleeping bags while Zach slept in one of the bunk beds outside the little room.
I fell asleep snuggling with Roman, he was super happy and smelled like S'mores. It was awesome.

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