Thursday, June 18, 2009

kitchen remodel update

We have cabinets! My dishwasher was installed just after these pictures were taken, I think I missed that more than anything. Here is our new fridge area:
Our designer at Home Depot had the amazing idea to make it look like a built-in fridge (which is really expensive) by putting the pull-out pantry cabinets around the fridge. I love how it turned out! And here is the new breakfast bar/peninsula area:
This is going to give us so much counter and cabinet space. We have lovely plywood countertops until the granite comes in in about a week and a half.

It is really quite surreal seeing all this come to fruition, we have been dreaming about it for seven years now! I am so excited, I can see my kids at the breakfast bar right now - and to be able to see them AND work in the kitchen at the same priceless! I feel so, so blessed and lucky right now.

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