Wednesday, June 10, 2009

upstairs remodel update

We are at a good mid-point for our upstairs remodel, I wanted to post some updates for everyone, here are some before pictures:
This is the wall between the kitchen and the living room that we knocked out. Notice the desk lamp? I had to use that because it was so dark in that kitchen!

Here is the old pantry that we knocked out with the old beautiful *koff* *koff* teal green cabinets.

The living room with the old blue molding and carpet.

More craptastic cabinets.

There's the wall again.

And here are some mid-point pictures:
Boom! Wall is gone. Here are some of the bottom cabinets, our contractor gets back tomorrow so he can unpack and start installing them so that the floor can be finished.

The new laminate floor.

So that's it! That's where we're at for now, I am on week two without a kitchen and fairing...okay. Now our plan is to replace the cabinets that we knocked out, but we are also installing more on the wall between the kitchen and dining room and having a breakfast bar "peninsula" where the kiddos can gather for art projects, eating, etc.

It is kind of surreal, we have been planning on doing this for seven years now, ever since we bought the house. But I'm so happy that it's finally underway and will hopefully be done in a little over two weeks. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Awesome Amy! What a nice feeling to get this done finally! You are going to love it and it is so worth the wait!