Wednesday, June 10, 2009

digital scrapbooking freebie

I am a hybrid scrapbooker. What does that mean? I use both digital and conventional scrapbooking techniques to create my layouts. This is actually a fairly new thing for me (only in the past two years or so), when it finally hit me that I can use my graphic design skills on my scrapbook layouts as well.

Now I personally don't like going 100% digital, I like "real" elements that you can touch and feel. But adding text or a border, resizing or even desaturating a photograph, nothing beats Photoshop (or photoshop elements, I highly recommend that...much, much cheaper).

As some of you know, I am a huge follower of Ali Edwards. I feel such a strong kinship with this woman - we both have boys with special needs, both live in the Northwest, both are work at home Moms and both have the same fun and funky "out of the box" scrapbooking style. And recently she has been doing a lot with digital elements on designer digitals -

Today on her blog, she introduced a new line of word elements that I just love - the effect is very "ghost letter"-ish. And then she put in a rounded rectangle around it (which I always love). Today I'm offering a freebie inspired by Ali's new design:

I wanted to mix it up a bit by combining the upper and lower-case letters and of course, adding my favorite typewriter font in there. I like my corners quite a bit rounded, up to 1", however this design features a half an inch rounded corner. I also manually added a drop shadow in there which I almost always do.

You can download the file from my website by clicking here, it is an 8.5x11 .png file in white which you can easily recolor in Photoshop using Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday technique:

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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