Monday, July 20, 2009

what empowers you?

I was thinking about this this past weekend. Empowerment is an incredible thing and I really think that more people need to be more empowered (myself included). Empowered to make a difference. Empowered to reach their goals. Empowered to be their true, authentic self.

So many times in life we tend to blend in, to not "rock the boat", to please everyone and everything. And for women, this tendency is huge. And it can easily turn into apathy and complacency.

You are an original, beautiful creation. You are not like anyone else. This isn't something that should be hidden, it should be celebrated! One of my favorite quotes is by Anais Nin, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud became more painful than the risk to bloom".

What are you passionate about? It can be a cause, a hobby, a person place or thing. My husband has recently become very passionate about politics. I have recently become more involved with and passionate about art. Roman is passionate about dinosaurs and other slimy little boy stuff.

Because of Zach's new passion, he is empowered to learn more about what he can do as an individual citizen. Because of my passion, I am empowered to do something creative every day. And because of Roman's passion, he is empowered to learn. I love this. He can't get enough of Dinosaur books, we read them every single day.

Celebrate your passions and learn from others. When you find what makes other people "tick", you can find a new found appreciation for that thing and that person. Who knows, you may be empowered to try something new.

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