Friday, July 17, 2009

my newest gadget

and oh do I ever love it.

I have been wanting to get a typewriter for about a year now, I tried (with little success) to get one of my stamped images in line with my printer to print directly on the image. Looking back I realize how incredibly dumb that was. I seriously spent over an hour stamping an image on a sheet of paper, running it through my printer and muttering under my breath when it didn't come out right. *sigh*

It finally came to me that if I had a typewriter, I could just stamp on a sheet of paper, run that through the typewriter and I could SEE where the type was going. Viola, an idea is born.

And here she is,

{If you see a little smudge on the left side of the typewriter, that is actually from me, that was the temporary storage place of a journaling sticker. Just some sticky stuff.}

I looked on eBay for a few weeks and found all sorts of nice ones, but not one that just "clicked" with me until I saw this one. A Vintage 1940 Corona Typewriter. In mint condition. With original case. And manual. Homina homina homina. Strangely I was the first and only one to bid and it was mine.

Since arriving at it's new home, I have found a ribbon for it on Just for kicks I thought I'd see how much my new toy was worth. I nearly coughed up a furball when I saw that the typewriter I paid $60 on eBay for was selling for $500 on this website. Seriously??? I never have this kind of luck! Never.

Keep posted for fun layouts using this fabulous new machine. Oh and yes, this is the typewriter I used in my new header picture too.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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