Tuesday, August 11, 2009

finally remodeled the kid's bathroom

and finally posting pictures! I just got done with the touch-up work yesterday. To give you an idea of what it looked like before, take a peek at these super ugly "before" photos:

Yes folks, we really did live with this for seven years. Notice the mitered ends of the door casing? That will give you a good example of the projects the homeowners did before we bought the house. We felt (and still feel) that we were rescuing this house. Now......after!

You may ask how we could afford to do this after the big kitchen remodel. The answer? We couldn't. We kind of still can't. We'll be really scrounging by in the next couple of months before we get back on our feet. But I just couldn't handle it anymore, every time I went into that bathroom I got depressed. And that wonderful purple color they painted the walls? It was to "hide" water damage. So we also had quite a bit of mold going on in there. See folks I can justify anything.

You might be thinking "wow, they probably have a nice looking house by now" and that's because you haven't seen the rest of it! Unfortunately there is still door painting to do and new hardware to install, as well as carpet and base moulding that desperately needs to be replaced. Don't get me started on the popcorn ceiling and the laundry room. But we will get there, hopefully in the next couple of years, seven years is a loooooong time to wait.


  1. Oh yes Amy, it looks sooooo much better. You've done really well! :)

  2. WOW!!! Great job! I love the colors and the clean lines. It's beautiful

  3. Much much better now, especially since you rid the bathroom of mold. Not good for the little one. Lighter color made the room a little bigger too. Aces!