Tuesday, August 25, 2009

blueberry picking in washington

Last week we went Blueberry Picking with my sister in North Bend. Farms here in Washington are bursting with Blueberries, the farm we went to isn't certified organic (which our family supports every chance we get), however they don't use pesticides. And they were only $1.75 a pound! We had a blast and it was beautiful over there.Roman ate so many blueberries, we joked that they should have weighed him instead of the blueberry bucket.We had a super fun adventure and were able to bring home a ton of blueberries to freeze. Even after Roman had his fair share. So much fun.my sister Jeffie (and my neice Adele who will be hatching soon) and Roman


  1. Now that looks like a brilliant way to spend a day.
    I love blueberries! Have a plant in a pot here, but it doesn't do very well. Don't know of any farms that would be close enough to visit here.
    How cheap were yours though!! Lucky you. To buy here in the supermarkets they cost $7 to $8AUS for 200grams, which translates roughly to $5 to $6US for approx 7oz (I think!)

  2. Mmm, blueberries are good for you. The scenery is wicked! Cool!

  3. They were so good! And cheap too - we will definitely be back next year. North Bend is absolutely beautiful, great place to visit!