Sunday, November 8, 2009

new book on my nightstand

I am now reading It's a Boy!, a book that I bought a couple of years ago but just haven't picked it up.

It was recommended to me by my sister and I also remember someone coming to our MOPS group a few years ago that talked about this book.  I remember really liking this guy (was he the author?  I don't remember unfortunately), he talked about the importance of mothering and the bond between mother and child and how it is crucial for development.  Awesome stuff. 

Our little boy is four so I have quite a bit of catching up to do (I just started the "toddler" section LOL), so far it is really interesting - makes me happy to be a mother of a boy.  I actually really wanted a boy, I played with boy-oriented toys when I was a kiddo (dinosaurs, transformers, gobots, etc.) and I actually had more guy friends growing up than girl friends.

We're still planning on having another kiddo and I would love to have another boy. Part of me would love the challenge of raising a little girl too, what an opportunity that would be. Raising a girl in today's society that has confidence and self esteem (something I lacked severely growing up). We'll be incredibly happy with whatever we are blessed with. And we're not in any hurry right now to have another child. Although many of our friends and family have children fairly close together, we wouldn't be concerned if our children are several years apart. It's what works for our family.

On another note, I WILL be resuming my Template Tuesday to Thursday give away, I absolutely promise! I missed the month of October so this month I will be giving away two....count 'em two templates/banners, whatever you like! And I have also decided that you can either take a freebie or get ten dollars off a Webset, eBay store design or Selling Blog Template too.

On yet another note (yes I really am that random), I will be unveiling my 2010 signature design really early this hopefully this evening early (but probably tomorrow). The reason? I am really tired of my current design to be completely honest (LOL) and I also wanted to have a separate button so customers can purchase a selling blog template instead of having the hassle of purchasing a regular blog template and then purchasing the add-on. Here is a sneak peek....
More to come soon!


  1. Just looove your site's new look Amy!! Just the sort of thing I like. Will you be doing anything along the same lines to sell? Really like the differentness and colour.

  2. Hi there Pam! Yup, I should have my 2010 signature design ready for purchase here in the next few days =0)