Saturday, February 20, 2010

diagnosis: autism spectrum

Yesterday we had our meeting with the neurologist, thankfully it was a good meeting. Both Zach and I felt really good going in and leaving, the neurologist was very open minded and we felt comfortable talking with her.

Roman is officially on the autism spectrum. Something that we already knew in our minds and hearts but is now in black and white. Zach and I are still doing okay, we found ourselves bickering about little things in the afternoon and realized that it was a little hard to see the diagnosis on paper. When you have a special needs child it's hard to get over yourself sometimes. But it's all good.  We are all good.

We also learned of a supplement called carnitine we can give him for his hypotonia that we'll be starting him on right away (I can't believe we've never heard of it before).

This opens the door to all sorts of things for Roman, something that we are very happy with. Now we have access to networks and programs. Which is awesome, considering we were on our own for two and a half years.

This is a good thing for our family. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

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