Thursday, February 18, 2010

for the love of vintage and family

I am a vintage nut. I love ephemera, nostalgia, antiques and all things vintage.  Which is why I love this.
This is my Dad's old typewriter. I've had it for months, hidden away in a closet under the stairs. I finally found a typewriter repair place in Puyallup and had both this typewriter and my black beauty repaired. And the crazy thing is....I like the way this one types better than mine. So my beauty is in my curio cabinet upstairs and this one is now put to work.

I even have the original case with my Dad's name on it (the white is just to show where it is, kinda hard to see).

I picked it up yesterday while Roman was in school.  I had an hour to spare when I got back so I spent it wisely at some antique stores looking for treasures. I found some awesome 50's children's books that inspired me to do this layout. 

See the alphabet page in the lower right corner?  That is from a vintage Golden Book that I scanned and added to my layout in photoshop.  I loved that the "R" and the "Z" were right next to each other. Fate I tell you. Fate.

Here is the stuff that I used: background paper: bazzill dotted swiss paper in rope swing (I am in love with that dotted swiss paper, the texture rocks); Heidi Swapp lowercase Ghost Letters; distressing ink in chocolate: Close To My Heart; font used: ozwald itc; other: Dad's Typewriter, Photoshop.

I want to do many more layouts like this in the future. Layouts to show Roman that he is loved and unique and amazing. We have our "big" appointment with the neurologist tomorrow to go over his autism test results, although at this point it is merely a formality...we know in our minds and hearts that he is on the spectrum (and his therapists have let us know what they think). And you know what?  It's okay with us. We are at peace with it. For two and a half years we have been searching for an answer. Every test has come back unremarkable. A diagnosis for us means more support for our family (which we really need).

I'll be putting a post up either tomorrow or Saturday about the results. Please keep our family in your prayers but know that we are seriously okay with this. We are the parents of an amazing. one-of-a-kind child and that is something that we celebrate every day.

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