Monday, March 29, 2010

why have I been gone so long?

We are putting our house on the market to sell!  This means that for the past few weeks I have been painting, moving and remodeling every free second I had.  All the base moulding and doors needed to be primered and repainted (four + coats people....ugh)  as well as touch ups on the walls and a complete re-painting of the laundry room.  Why the rush? We want to take advantage of the federal tax credit.  We also want to take advantage of the super low interest rates as well.

This is something that we have been talking about for several years, we first had our real estate agent out about three years ago, before the bottom fell out of the market.  We have a split level home that worked well when it was just Zach and I, but add a special needs kiddo in the mix and it just doesn't work. What are we looking for?  A much smaller, flat lot. Something really easy to maintain.  A house with a different layout with an office and a play space (a room or loft), where I can have Roman's swings and toys. Something a little newer that doesn't need constant upkeep.

We had to consider a few different options when we were deciding where to move to. We knew that we needed a better commute for Zach, right now he takes three different, super clogged freeways to get to work and then home again. We want great schools, a real community and more of an "out there", northwesty feel.  So we decided on.....Snoqualmie!

This area is about 30 minutes east of Seattle, has amazing mountain views, a great school district and has a newer, planned community that is just awesome. It is also much cheaper than homes in cities closer to Seattle, which means we can find something we can actually afford (bonus!)  It has everything that we are looking for and we are so excited to start looking for our new house! Wish us luck!

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  1. Amy what a wonderful location you have chosen, my son lives in Seattle and I remember when I took the bus to see him we stopped where you are moving and oh my I fell in love it is simply breath taking. Good luck wishing you and your family the best.