Friday, August 13, 2010

holy smokes I want this book

I've seen this skit before but never made the connection that it could actually be a book (even though the book is shown before the skit...but whatever). But be still my beating is.

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid: A Survival Guide for Ordinary Parents of Special Children

Thankfully I'm not yet at the stage where parents are comparing report cards and sharing amazing stories about their kids, but I know that is coming soon. And I'm actually okay with that, I've been lucky enough to surround myself with people who are understanding, accepting and open minded.

One of the reasons I am so "into" scrapbooking and taking pictures is because of self esteem. I didn't have a whole lot growing up (I still struggle with it to this day), so that is something I want to instill in Roman every day.  That he is original, one of a kind and amazing. Here is a page that I did the day we learned he was on the autism spectrum.

Doing layouts and making art is therapeutic for me. Sometimes its hard to get over yourself when you have a non-typical kiddo. This definitely helps me focus on what matters most. Some days when Zach gets home I confine myself to the office for a few hours until I get my groove back. And that is totally okay.

Documenting the good and the not so good. Because that's life. Anyway, the book is in my shopping cart, I am so excited to get my read on.


  1. amy...hey i was wondering if it would be possible to get a web set to match my blog? also how much would it be?
    marci welcker

  2. Hey there Marci! Absolutely, websets are $59.99 and usually include installation, depending on who you go through for your website service. Let me know if you are interested!

  3. well i just now figured out that you would probably answer me here.;D i go through diy and that sounds great! i am ready for a change but it will have to be in a few weeks...we're getting ready for a show at our house and life is CRAZY! i'll let you know when i'm ready ok?