Thursday, October 28, 2010

Every Day October, Days 21 - 28

I am rounding the bend on this project!  I can't believe that October is almost over - of course this happens to me every year lol.  Its going to be nice to have this book to look back on this great month.

Here is day 21,
This is a business card protector that I found at an office supply store. A nice change from the trading card protectors - love 'em both.

Here is day 22 and part of 23,
I used the "print screen" function on my computer a lot in this project - I used it on page 22 to capture photos of my niece's first birthday shoot.

Here is the inside of the folder for day 23,
It was my birthday so I wanted to include cards and other fun stuff from that day.

Here is day 24 and 25,
I got the "blustery day" poem and image from the internet, it was verrry appropriate for us here on that day.

Here is the backside of day 25 and day 26,
26 was such a fun day, we were surprised with cookies from one of our great neighbors =0)

Here is day 27,
This was really fun for me - where we live we have a view of the Cascade Mountains.  They have been completely clear except for today, we saw snow.  Snow!  So awesome, kind of magical for us because we just moved here not too long ago.

Here is day 28,
And if you're wondering where I got the small "Treat" bingo card - I actually cut it out from the back page of the bingo card pack, you know the one where it shows what is inside the package?  I got that idea from my local scrapbooking store - very fun. Especially because I'd used the big one already.

More to come in a few days - have a fabulous fall afternoon!


  1. I have loved every day of your Everyday October!! Your pages and style for this book are awesome and inspirational. Love, love, love it!

  2. Completely and absolutely love every page of this!!