Monday, November 29, 2010

December Daily base pages 1-31

My plans for December Daily have changed a wee little bit - mainly because when I had all my pages in my was full.  Meaning "if I put any pictures or anything in here this album is going to burst". So I changed things up a little bit and here is the new cover of my December Daily album:
My husband works for Starbucks and I am so in love with their holiday marketing campaign this year.  So I laminated a pastry bag with a simple vintage red and white tag from Papier Valise (with the title typed on my Dad's old typewriter) and boom!  Coverpage.

I'm also using these super fun book ring thingies from 7gypsies, they are flexible so you are able to turn the pages a little easier than a traditional book ring.

I still kept the stick-it felt interior page because it is cute too:
If some days have a fun design on the back of the overlay/acrylic page, I'll post that too.  But most should only have one photo per page.

I am also planning on doing a full 6x8 photo with digital overlay on it for the left side, if not I'll run the page through the printer again so they match the page on the right.

To save time, I'm not going to be putting links to each product I used, however if you have questions about a particular product I used, just send me an email or leave a comment and I'll get back to you.  Much faster that way!

Here is day one,
And the back of day one,
These are super fun little circles I designed to help cut down costs of my album this year. I sewed them to a cut-down sports card page protector and viola!  done!

Here is day two,
I loved the idea Ali had about using a spray mist on a tag and then peeling the letter stickers off.  I really like how it turned out (I used glimmer mist).  Here is the back of the acrylic page,

Here is day three,
I didn't have a lot of fun transparencies around, but I did have several "print your own" 12x12 transparencies, so with a lot of these, I just designed a 12x12 graphic in Photoshop using fun holiday-ish brushes.  I also designed the number three flash card as well.

Here is day four, front and back,

On another note, I have the coordinating squares on the page on the right adhered with temporary adhesive - to be honest I'm not 100% sure what I'll do with that space quite yet.

Here is day five,
This is a printable overlay that I designed using one of my favorite photoshop brushes. I used Ali Edwards' Christmas Boxes to frame up the number five.

Here is day six,
This is a fun overlay I bought at my local scrapbook shop.

Here is day seven, front and back (the page on the right is an acrylic sheet I cut down and hole punched),

Here is day eight,
This was another "print your own" transparency that I designed with a photoshop brush. Nice and simple.

Here is day nine,
Again with the "design your own" transparency. I also used a fun reindeer tag from every jot and tittle for the number nine.

Here is day ten, front and back,

Here is day eleven, front and back,

I think those 12 days of Christmas tags are so stinkin' cute.  I definitely wanted to add them to the album this year.

Here is day 12, front and back,

Here is day 13,
This was a laser-cut sheet I had that I adhered onto an acrylic sheet.

Here is day 14,
Another laser-cut adhered onto an acrylic sheet.  I really like that look!

Here is day 15, front and back,

Again with Ali's Christmas boxes and some fun patterned paper.

Here is day 16,
This is a great transparency, just find the day you're on - highlight it in some way and you're good!

Here is day 17,
Same transparency as day three. I think it'll look nice with photos behind it.

Here is day 18, front and back,

Again - VERY excited to see the photos through the acrylic sheet.

Here is day 19,
This is another tag from every jot and tittle. The page is a laser-cut sheet that I didn't back with acrylic (it is pretty sturdy on its own), but I did reinforce the holes just in case.

Here is day 20, front and back,

Again with the glimmer mist and the tags!  I really love how it looks, much prettier in person.

Here is day 21, front and back,

Nice and simple shapes cut from my die cut machine on acrylic.

Here is day 22,
I love playing cards.  And again with the print-your-own transparency.

Here is day 23, front and back,

I think that will frame up the photos quite nicely.

Here is day 24,

And then day 25,

And because we have two Christmases (one with family in Eastern Washington), I go to day 31. So here is day 26, front and back,

Have I mentioned my strange and unusual love for vintage bingo cards?

Here is day 27, front and back,

Here is day 28, front and back,

This is another style of reindeer tag from every jot and tittle.  I think this is my favorite day so far (I love the polka dots).

Here is day 29, front and back,

Here is day 30,

And day 31!
And that's all she wrote!  I am very excited to start this project. Stay tuned sports fans!


  1. This is beautiful!! Way to go!!!!!

  2. Great job on your December Daily Foundation Pages. Your album looks wonderful. I may scrap-lift a few of your ideas as I am documenting my days. Merry Christmas!

  3. Scraplift away ladies! Thanks so much for dropping by =0)

  4. Your book is awesome. I can't wait to see it filled. Very nicely done!

  5. Your foundation is beautiful! Love your printed transparencies. . .and of course your new cover! :) :) :)