Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily 2010 - days 1-5

I seem to be running out of daylight (and available computer time) these days, I was hoping to do posts the day after, but I may be doing group posts like this one from here on out.

I won't be putting links to specific products for time reasons, but if you have questions on anything I've done just shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Here is my finished day one, 

And on to day two, 
I blurred out some personal info on there.  This page has a cut-down page protector where I put a book that my son made in school.  Its really cute =0)

Here is day three,

And day four,

And day five,

My observations so far?  I LOVE the transparency in the middle.  I love looking at the pages to come through them.  I also really like the uniform 8 x 6 pages - for a stand alone album it really works well (not too big, not too small), and the uniform size makes it a little easier for me to plan and get the pages done too.

I'm having a lot of fun so far - very happy with the album, very happy with the way its laid out and very happy with how it is turning out.  Stay tuned sports fans!


  1. Hi there :)
    I have so much to say about your album. #1. Awesome. Love how you've put the transparencies in between like AE. I'm soooo kicking myself for not opting to do the same (I may have to order a few. . .because I LOVE the way your looks!) :) #2. LOVE how you've incorporated everyday moments into your album (adore the photo of your sleepyheads sharing snuggles). This is my 3rd Dec Daily. . .and each year I kill myself trying to incorporate a 'Christmas-y' event on each day. When I saw your take on what you've included. . .I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. . .I'm sooo gonna just let it go and try to relax and enjoy the process a bit more.
    Thanks for the inspiration. . .and for sharing your super-awesome pages! :)

  2. Thank you so much Ladies! I have a big fat smile on my face =0)

  3. Yes, your album is looking mah-vel-ous! TFS.