Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello from Maui!

Our whole family is here for my little sister's wedding.
So thankful for this great trip.

Thankful that we could use miles for our tickets.
Thankful that my parents could use their timeshare for our room.
Thankful for my new brother in law.
Thankful that Roman is having a great time after a rocky start.
Thankful for amazing friends watching our animals while we're gone.
Thankful for relaxation and the ability to take it easy.

I have taken about 500 pictures so far. Yes, 500. Thankfully my father brought his laptop so I could empty the camera every day and go through our photos so it won't be so daunting when we get home.  Before we left, I took the Scrapbook on the Road class from Ali Edwards.  She had some great tips as far as what to do to make sure that you document your trip.

I've been making sure to keep everything and write everything down, if not during the day then when we get home at night. There are so many stories that I've written down that I know I would forget about if I waited until I got home. Lots of writing going on over here.

I've been happy to see the amount of local artists here, able to make a living from tourism. Although for every artist here, that are twice as many "discount" shops selling the same products made in china (which is really weird to me). I found one gal who makes and sells macaroons (gluten free!). Let me start by saying that I've never liked macaroons. I LOVE her macaroons. Love them. So fresh and light and good. Just another example of how you get what you pay for.

While it has been fun on vacation, I'm really looking forward to coming home. I miss our house, our weather (I may be the only one on the planet who likes cold weather), our pets and my graphic design work.

Until next time...aloha and mahalo for visiting!

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