Saturday, October 24, 2009

happy birthday to me

I am official 32 years old as of yesterday. And I couldn't be happier about it. My 20's were all about establishing myself, getting married and having one of two kiddos. My 30's are all about my family and finding my real joys in life. Did I ever think that I would be an at-home Mom with a graphic design business? No. But it is the best job I could ever have. Being a Mom is....amazing. Truly the best thing in the world. Being a Mom and having amazing creative outlets? I couldn't ask for more.

Speaking of creative outlets....I was given the most amazing birthday present ever. In the history of birthday presents. A present that will span many birthdays and a Christmas or two. Or three. Or four. This is a Canon Digital Rebel SLR T1i. 15.1 megapixels. 3 frames per second. Amazing camera. I should say that I am the unofficial family photo historian in the family. I have our family history scrapbooked to the mid 1800's. I scrapbook almost every single day and take a ton of pictures.

I realized about two years ago that I had some major limitations with a point and shoot - camera shake was a huge one. I don't like using the flash, I love the look of natural light pictures. But my pictures always turned out blurry. That and I needed a higher mega pixel, I use a lot of 12x12 and above pictures in my layouts. Here is my first layout from my new camera featuring a 9x14 photo: The picture is clear, crisp and I didn't have to stretch the photo to fit. When I think about the amazing pictures I can take from here on out, I almost hyperventilate I get so excited. I am one deliriously happy girl.

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