Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Daily 2009: Day Eight

This one is for all you dog lovers out there!

Here is the layout before:

And here is the layout after:

My pooch got groomed yesterday and looked too adorable so he was the star today.

Because my handwriting is seriously illegible, here is what the journaling says:

I seriously love you.
Even when you roll in extra disgusting things.  even when you have that toxic gas and lay right next to me.
I love you.
Thank you for being such a good boy.  You protect Roman and I when Zach is away on business trips.  You shoo the cats away when they are getting into something.
And you love us.

The supply list on this one is super short - the paper behind the journaling box is unknown and the number 8 tab is from 7gypsies.

Most of the work on this layout was done in Photoshop - for my dog Shamus's photo, I used trixie as my typewriter font (ont of my favorites) and then I used my Wacom pen to draw "love" in my handwriting on the photo.  Then I created a journaling box with the same Trixie font at the top for "to my mountain dog of the east":

so are you curious about the whole "mountain dog" thing?  Okay, here is the scoop.  We got Shamus from a rescue shelter in Snoqualmie about six years ago.  For those of you who are non-northwest people, Snoqualmie is a sleeper community about half an hour east of Seattle.  The mountain views here are just amazing - it is one of my favorite places to visit and take pictures.  Soooo....put the mountain views and the east together and you have - mountain dog of the east!  Plus he totally looks like a mountain dog too.

More to come tomorrow!

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