Wednesday, December 9, 2009

working on fine motor this month

we had Roman's parent-teacher evaluation not too long ago and they were concerned about two things - his talking in class (well duh, he's my kid) and his non-improvement in fine motor skills.  So his wonderful OT (who is now officially on maternity leave - we will miss you so much Jackie) suggested a chalkboard.   We have one downstairs but we don't like him going down there without a grown up (we have one of those glorious seventies split level houses).

So she suggested putting black contact paper on his door.  Brilliant!  I loved the idea and went on a website she recommended, Discount School Supply, I found the black contact paper along with some really bright fun chalk.

The order came the other day and I realized that I would need to put the contact paper on something flat.  We had some left over pressboard from our kitchen remodel in the garage, so I cleaned it, plopped down the contact paper and then realized that it was too big to put on the door.

So change of plans, I bolted it to the wall just below his artwork.  Perfect!  Here is the finished product:

You can also see some beautiful artwork that he drew.  When I asked him to tell me about his picture, I expected to hear, "its an owl" or "its a dinosaur".  Oh no.  Not my son.  He says, "it's kitty puke Mommy, can't you tell?!". 
Oh my.

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