Monday, January 4, 2010

December Daily 2009: Days 29, 30 & 31

This is my last post about DD 2009. "boo" and "yay" are running through my mind right now, I really loved running around like a total geek with my camera around my neck taking pictures of everything every day (which really isn't too different from my everyday life...but whatever). This was really really fun. I will be doing this next year with bells on.

Onto the goods - here is day 29 before:
and after:
stuff I used: word stickers by Making Memories; patterned paper by My Mind's Eye; pages from an antique dictionary; my old typewriter; font used: avenir.

This was our last day in Wenatchee and the first day I started to feel better.  Murphy's Law I tell you.

Here is day 30 before (now this one was fun):
and after (the pics turned out a wee bit blurry):

Stuff I used: Starbucks bag;  tab punch by McGill; word stickers by Making Memories; old school dymo label maker

I was so happy to have my SLR that day, the views from the train coming home were breathtaking! Living here is so awesome, I love Washington.

And now my last 31 before!
and after (I have two pages of after...will explain below):

Stuff I used: transparency talked about here; lined scalloped journaling page, unknown; December calendar embellishment by Jenni Bowlin Studio; word stickers by Making Memories.

I finished this page with a transparency pocket on both sides so that I could put some thoughts on the very last page.

Stuff I learned from December Daily: the little things matter most; before printing journaling on photos, keep in mind where you holes will be; eyelets look nice but make your book thicker and the pages harder to turn (won't be using them next year); it really is fun if you challenge yourself to use what you have on hand; don't use felt to cover an album if you have pets (I've sticky rolled it about 50 times so far); a daily book is fun for me but is like Disneyland for my kiddo (which is awesome, he loves looking at it); I will so totally be doing this next year.

Thank you to Ali Edwards who inspired this project and thank you to my husband and son who put up with 31 days of me shoving my camera in their faces...even more than usual.  Love you boys.


  1. Congrats on completing your looks beautiful :)

  2. This is an incredible project and I am glad I stumbled upon it. What an inspiration, it really got the mind reeling, which is such a great feeling.
    Thanks for sharing.