Sunday, September 18, 2011

New updates to eBay's link policy are coming

Hello guys and gals! I had a customer email me today to let me know that eBay is updating their links policy effective October 1st, 2011 that will prohibit most links in eBay auctions. This is a concern because I have several links in my auction templates from Amybug's Primitive Attic, including the credit link at the bottom of the template.

Thankfully I already use eBay-only links for the "contact me" button in auction templates (if it were linked to your email address it would no longer be allowed). And also thankfully, my credit link is still allowed.  Here is the specific page that goes over the new policy in reference to auction template websites:

"Other links that point to a third-party provider's website are also allowed, such as image hosting sites and auction template sites."  J

The eBay rep I talked to said that the new policy is being put into place because people were listing items with external links in the auction. And unfortunately, customers were purchasing items on the external links, not on eBay.

Have a great day everyone!

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