Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thank you

...to everyone who has left a comment or has emailed me. Whether it's regarding December Daily or my recent post about my little boy. Thank you for taking time out of YOUR busy life to let me know that I'm not alone :)

My December Daily 2012 is officially done! For the three years prior to this one I've printed my pictures for DD at home. Doing that really helped me be "on the ball", there were several days that I finished that day's page later on that evening.

This year, my photo printer is out of toner and we're in a tight financial situation. So that $120 for new toner is going towards more important things! So I had my pictures printed at our local Costco and worked on several days at a time. This way worked out just fine, although it did seem to take me a little bit longer. And I don't know about you, but finishing up my December Daily in January is hard.

But it's done! I've gotten a few requests to take photos of my pages this year and I think I'll have time to do that tomorrow. I really, really love Pinterest and I think it's a great resource so I'd love to get some of my pages pinned up!

Stay tuned sports fans!

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