Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Daily 2009: Day 17 & 18

I finally feel like I have a handle on things - I have only one present left to wrap (wahoo) that should be here tomorrow.  I'm happy about this because I can now ditch this whole "responsible adult" thing and start enjoying Christmas like a kid with my kid (and of course my husband).  Yay to that!

I am a few days behind on my posts, so here is what my day 17 layout looked like before:
And here it is after:
Roman absolutely LOVES Charlie Brown and I thought it would be fitting to do a day on it.

Stuff I used: Wacom pen to draw "hello" in Photoshop; images from the internet; font: avenir.

On to day 18!  This one was super fun.  Here is the layout before:
And here it is after:
It was our day to take pictures with Santa!  So much fun.  Roman was a little bit shy but kept it together.  My sister's little girl did awesome!  Happy as always.  This one was fun because I got to include the receipt in with the photo on the right.  It'll be fun to look at that in 20 years and think how "cheap" pictures were "back then" lol.

Stuff I used: transparency talked about on my day 5 page; photoshop.  Super simple this time. Avenir font used again (one of my favorites).

More to come tomorrow, have a warm and safe night everyone =0)

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